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Working closely with people who have experienced trauma and oppression changes us. 

If you work closely with the emotions of others,
the short-term strategies you use to get by can have long-term consequences. 


Whole Life and Leadership Coaching and Whole Interpreter Enterprises make up the professional home of Arlyn Anderson. Arlyn provides professional coaching, unique supportive consultation groups and guided learning designed for interpreters, mental health professionals and others who work closely with people in emotionally-charged settings.


Using oneself in service of another person is profound and important work. It also has consequences beyond the work itself. If you are a professional interpreter therapist, coach, health care professional, or if your work is personal, you are a caregiver of an elderly parent, a partner, or friend, your self-compassion is critical. 


Arlyn Anderson, internationally certified coach, educator, and professional ASL interpreter, has dedicated her career to supporting, uplifting and expanding well-being and self-awareness of people who have big work in the world. Arlyn believes personal fulfillment, self-compassion and self-expression are inextricably linked to our effectiveness in all aspects of our lives. Like it has been with hundreds of people who reached out to her since 2006, coaching with Arlyn may be the piece of the puzzle that will put you back on the path to feeling your aliveness, resilience and purpose. Give yourself the gift of coaching. Invest in yourself. You deserve it.

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