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The Whole Interpreter's Introduction to Interpreting in Mental Health Settings


                A Unique 16-Week Mentor-Supported Course


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picture of Whole Interpreter's Guide to Interpreting in Mental Health Settings

"I have truly enjoyed working with you. Your curriculum is really great and I learned a lot, but what makes it incredible is the heart, passion and compassion YOU bring to it. Thanks for this wonderful experience.  


This experience has sparked something in me that I am noticing is keeping me more aware and present in my work. So thank you. On many levels."

Brian Bliss, San Diego, CA

"I rave about [your program] all the time in interviews when I explain my major."


                                                                                            Olivia Martinetti

                                Whole Interpreter Mental Health Interpreting student

                                                                           Metropolitan State University

The Whole Interpreter's Guide to Interpreting in Mental Health Settings is an exploration of the unique skillset involved in effective, collaborative practice in Mental Health settings.


The curriculum In a Nutshell:


  • Designed as a 16-week mentored learning opportunity for working interpreters;

  • Individual, small group guided learning;

  • CEUs or college credit may be arranged;

  • May be used at ANY stage of an interpreter's career - even before one is ready to work in this specialty area;

  • Build self-awareness;

  • Increase resilience and ability to calm oneself in uncomfortable settings;

  • Focus on expanding emotional nuances;

  • Explore ambiguity and tolerance for lack of clarity and other necessary elements of Mental Health environments;

  • May be used by interpreters using any language;

  • In use by New Mexico Mentoring since 2006;

  • Recognize what is important to providers of Mental Health therapy.


Offered twice per year, this mentor-facilitated course is available to individuals and small cohorts only. 


Cost $749





Free: Stress-Free Pre-Session Script

"Arlyn continues to impress me with her commitment to the professional delivery of interpreting and mentoring services which respect the integrity of all people involved.   I have had the opportunity to see and use portions of the curriculum she developed which has promise to help raise the level of our field related to mental health interpreting.  


Overall, her knowledge of how to work effectively with the challenges that arise in mental health situations and her willingness to share her knowledge and insight with others - is a real asset to the interpreting profession, the Deaf community, and health care providers.  I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to 

work with Arlyn and look forward to more chances in the future."

Doug Bowen-Bailey

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