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Consulting Services




Consulting can come in many forms, but what you gain is the knowledge, comfort, and an understanding of a thoughtful, practiced professional who will help you examine the details while securely holding the big picture of what you want.


Through one-time or on-going consultations, I offer expertise from my decades of interpreting in mental health settings and examination of best practices from academic, professional and personal angles. Using my carefully designed education, professional studies and years of working directly with agencies, groups and individual interpreters, I am uniquely qualified to offer consultation on topics related to mental health interpreting, self-care, self-management, and getting the best out of oneself and others.


My consulting services are available to Interpreting agencies, schools, mental healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, and individual interpreters.


My focus in a coaching session is on recognizing and calling out the expertise of my clients. In my consulting work, I am clear that it is my expertise that my client wishes to tap. I am always coach-like in my work, and for the health of my coaching and consulting practices, I need to keep this distinction clear in my mind at all times. 




Please contact me to discuss how I might be able to work with you or your interpreters.

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