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Individualized Sessions:

1-1 or small group workshops

"I was expecting to enjoy [my consultation], but I was not expecting it to feel so powerful!"


Individualized Consultation Client

"It is difficult to choose what is most interesting about the subject matter.  Arlyn has a way to really make us think about ourselves and the work we produce.  She lets us be ourselves and creates a safe environment to grow and learn."

Individualized Personal Development Consultation Participant

 "I benefited from being able to share 1:1 about some personal interpreting experiences that had challenged me. I felt our discussion would be held in confidence. These were things I couldn't share in a group setting.  This was most helpful."   

            Individualized consultation Client

I enjoy the learning atmosphere of this small group. Doing it “live” online has been pretty neat as well, being in the comfort of your own home (or this case work)                       

Individualized Personal Development Participant

In 2023, you can work with Arlyn one on one, or in small Deeper Dive Pop up Workshops

Learn, share, explore relevant
 life & career changing topics 
and earn RID CEUs, too!

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