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Workshops, Retreats & Training Opportunities


The most compelling workshop material, for me, comes directly out of the group that will be organizing and participating in the event. When I get a feel for the group and what is happening for them, and start caring about them, I can tap the inspiration to create and design on their behalf.


All of my workshops are experiential in nature, and highly participatory. 


Here are a few titles, topics and themes from which I will draw:


Resilience, Wholeness, Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue

  • Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care: Staying Effective and Whole in Emotionally-charged Settings. (ASL) Think-Self training for work in Domestic and Sexual Violence settings

  • JAMAICA Association for the Deaf, Interpreter Training:

  • Self-Management and Self-Care: Personal Development as a Professional Skill 

  • 3-Day RETREAT for all signers - Whole Heart Living: Embrace You August 

  • A weekend retreat for people who wish to expand their heart (with ICF Coach, Deborah Mayer).

  • Managing the Monster in Your Mind: a Crash Course in Personal Development as a Professional Skill (with Jenn Welna).

  • Improvisation as a Life Skill: a Workshop for Women in Recovery (with Teresa Chandler)

  • Improvisation as a Survival Skill: a Workshop for Caregivers of Parents with Dementia

  • Vicarious Trauma and Resilience: A Workshop Focused on Your Well-being and Effectiveness.

  • The Silencing Response: Recognizing and Recovering from Compassion Fatigue (with Dr. Jane Ostrander).

  • Resiliency, Wholeness, and Inner Dialogue for Interpreters:

  • Self-Management and Self-Worth Strategies for Increasing Interpreter Effectiveness

  • Being With: an Experiential Skill-building Session for Increasing your Agility and Tolerance for Your Personal Nightmare

  • Expanding our Range: Essential Personal Development for People who are Expert at Setting Themselves to the Side


Imag of Arlyn smilng while leading workshop

"This was the greatest workshop I have been to! It was very engaging, thought & feeling provoking, and I felt very safe to speak up and participate, which is not usually like me. This topic is so, so important, as someone who has experienced this even in my short time as an interpreter and just in life in general. It gave me lots to think about and I didn't just leave it there when I left. So applicable!"

2018 Workshop Participant

Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue and Resilience

Spartanburg, South Carolina


"Outstanding!! . . . Arlyn fills a serious need in the interpreting community! There is no one else I've found who is this uniquely gifted!"

Amygdala Hijack workshop participant 

"Arlyn changed my life. And, the lives of at least 30 other women. In one short workshop. One year later, her words still have a powerful effect." 


Participant at Loving your Life and Career

Self-Worth and self-management Strategies for Emerging Leaders

". . . I think the workshop was a complete success and that is your doing. Your vibe is real and authentic and that allows people to be open. I'm so glad we got were the exact right person for this and it was exactly what I was hoping for. . ."

                                                Tracy Koesel

University of Minnesota

Organizer of Resilience, Wholeness & Inner-Dialogue:

Self-Management & Self Worth Strategies for Increasing Effectiveness


  • Video Interpreting - VRS and VRI

    • Precision Jetsons: How Authentic Customer Service Tools will Help You Have a Better Day

    • Call-Management for Video Interpreters

    • Well-rounded Video Relay Interpreting

    • Preparing to Deliver Interpreting Services via Video Technology: Working with VRS Clients who Reside in Rural and Remote Locations (with Marty Barnum)

Slide from Amygdala Hijack workshop of man grimacingwhile gripping a steering wheel

Participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the function of the limbic system and pre-frontal cortex;

  • Recognize significant professional and personal consequences of unresolved vicarious trauma;

  • Access 2 individual strategies and cognitive frameworks for recovering well-being and building resilience in difficult situations;

  • Examine and list at least 2 personal values that can either interfere or inform professional well-being;

  • Create a one-page personal inventory of triggers, consequences, values and approaches for recovering well-being.

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