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Coaching for Interpreters 

"Arlyn takes a unique and thorough approach to coaching the "whole" interpreter, as her business name suggests. I found her services to be a great time and money investment."

Lisa Bolding Ballenger

We don't have to be defined by our work, 

and yet we are all changed by it. 

Interpreting work impacts and shapes the person of the interpreter, just as who we are as as a person informs our work. 

Neuroplasticity is the brain's capacity to learn and change based on experience. Basically, our brains get good at what we do with them. This is important to my work with interpreters because for an interpreter to be truly trusted and effective, we must become experts at setting ourselves to the side - speaking for others - we learn to disengage from our urges, reactions, opinions and expression of emotions. Unless we are very intentional about it, we are at risk of having this set of competencies impact our lives in a broader way. Chances are, if you are an interpreter, you know what I'm saying. 


When I work with interpreters, the agenda and focus doesn't have to be on our work, but we will both know what you're talking about when it does.






I meet in-person and on video with Interpreters in all areas of practice:


  • Experienced 'Seasoned' Interpreters

  • Deaf Interpreters

  • Interpreter Educators

  • Mid-Career Interpreters

  • Video Interpreters

  • Mental Health Interpreters

  • Newer Interpreters

  • Recent Graduates

  • Student Interpreters

  • CODAs

  • Spoken Language Interpreters

  • Consumers of Interpreters

  • People transitioning out of Interpreting

  • Interpreters living abroad

  • Interpreters who are starting other businesses

  • And more



Picture of Arlyn's coaching room. Dark green walls with wooden rocker facing love seat with pillows.


"Working with Arlyn was truly amazing. She helped me challenge myself to grow personally and professionally. She gave me the encouragement I needed to see the strengths I already possess and to refine the areas where I need to grow. Because of Arlyn's approach I felt fully comfortable being honest and vulnerable, which helped me grow in ways I never thought I could." 

Coaching Client



This field is in my bones. When I ask my clients why they choose to work with me and not another coach, part of their reply includes, "You are an interpreter. You get what I do and I don't have to explain it."


Interpreters are my colleagues, my friends and my community. There is nothing quite like the work that we do as interpreters. I know and love the moments of being absolutely in the present moment while interpreting - almost like riding a wave of communication. I love the balancing act of managing the charged energies of having expertise and skill -- and showing up with humility and objectivity. I have mourned the loss of things being black and white. I have given up on finding one clear definition of success. I have learned that messy communication is sometimes very good communication. I've studied how not to take things personally without forming armor or 'thick skin.' I have practiced the mental activity of 'letting go,' remaining objective, neutral. I have spoken  words of others that I would never utter - ever. 


I love being your colleague. I would love the opportunity to work with you in this capacity, too. Because the nature of the coaching relationship is one of equals, working with my peers has been a joy.


If you're considering working with me or any other coach, please feel free to contact me to discuss the options.

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