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Debrief Personally Challenging Material in a

Confidential and Productive Session


No one wishes for messy interpreting interactions or personally difficult situations. I'm no fan of the hard stuff. Yet, over time I have come to know the rich material and insights the hard stuff can offer. I feel strongly that ignoring or burying discomfort is a waste - and is a time-limited strategy. When we can understand the difficulty and allow ourselves to explore what has happened, we have the opportunity to integrate it and move forward. This is why I offer short term coaching and debriefing of emotionally-charged or personally difficult assignments.


Here's what I suggest. If you find yourself bothered by a particular situation or interaction, consider me a resource. I am specially equipped to support you and also help you move through and beyond the unsettling situation. If it is beyond my expertise, I will also help you consider other options.


These discussions are intended to help interpreters process unsettling experiences in a productive manner. No judgment. 


Where: Via Video, telephone, or in-person


When: As arranged. A response can be expected within 24 hours of the assignment


Who: Any interpreter or interpreting student ---- anywhere


Cost: $100-150 sliding scale

You can now earn CEUs for engaging in a thoughtful debriefing of a personally difficult assignment.
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