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Whole Life and Leadership Coaching:

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 "Arlyn is a joy to work with. Energetic, generous and fully focused on the work. She brings a lot of creative ideas to her coaching and lights up the sessions with her enthusiasm and positivity."

John B.

London, England UK


Working with Arlyn has been instrumental to my very being. She brought me to places I never could have never imagined visiting just a year ago. To take the time for myself, with commitment and preparation, I was blessed to find more about who I am. Arlyn has guided me to a much better place within myself so that I may humbly serve and achieve what the universe has set out for me. Words of thanks pale in comparison to what she has given me through her vulnerability, service, and aptitude.

                                                                          Life and Leadership Client

"Arlyn's coaching style is incredibly connected. She is really able to tie things together -- the way a great rug might for a room. Do yourself a favor and work with her. She is awesome."


Ileana F.

New York City 


Arlyn is the absolute greatest! She helped me rumble through some mental roadblocks that were prohibiting me from moving forward in my career. Arlyn’s soft power and bold heart were the perfect partner to help me navigate my own personal stuff to become a much more effective leader. I would recommend working with her when you hit any spot in your work where you feel frustrated and don’t know where to move next. She is also just a lovely human and I looked forward to talking to her every session.

Coaching Client

Director of Interpreting

Wow! What a life coach adventure with Arlyn Anderson… When I started I wasn’t sure how this was help my struggles and decisions. With her Deaf/HH background knowledge that made me comfortable to work with her.  Her compassion and caring helped me turned negatives to positives. She gave me tools to handle stress and life challenges.  She is full of knowledge and always ready to give you a resource when need one to keep working on the difficult issue.  I appreciate her flexibility in meeting in person or online when weather or schedule permits.  In the end, I found this adventure to be very beautiful, peaceful and positive experience. Thank you!   

Deaf Client

Minnesota, USA

Arlyn takes a unique and thorough approach to coaching the "whole" interpreter, as her business name suggests. I found her services to be a great time and money investment.

Lisa Bolding Balinger

Life and Leadership Coaching

Arlyn's presence is such a magical blend of deeply curious, caring, challenging, and wise... and she truly embodies what it means to serve others through self-discovery and full, authentic expression.  She's uniquely gifted at asking insightful questions and reflecting back what's truly important, while nudging me to dream bigger than I ever have before.
Leland Franklin
Berkeley, CA

Great work deserves praise! For awhile now I have wanted to do a shout out to Arlyn and her phenomenal work as a whole life/leadership coach. I had the privilege of working with her a little over a year ago and DAILY I find myself applying skills I learned from our time together! I personally think everyone needs to experience working with a coach! So if you have thought about it, do it! You will not regret it one bit. And If you haven’t thought should! With that! Thank you Arlyn for the many skills you taught me and for shining a light into places I’ve never explored! I’m enlightened by what I find in those places everyday! My time with you has been my guide!

Theresa Freese

Rochester, MN

"I am thrilled to meet such an interesting, creative woman...... myself! Arlyn and I explored a variety of perspectives and used tools for thinking that I hadn't been introduced to before. I am happy to feel so in tune with my life goals and core values after working with Arlyn as a life coach."


Katie Johnson

Certified Interpreter

"Working with Arlyn was truly an amazing experience. She is so engaging and really took the time to listen as well a guide me through the sessions.  I was able to gather some great skills that I am able to incorporate into my life.  She also offered great resources for me to continue to learn, and grow in both my professional and personal life. She really does take a look at the whole person and the work we were able to do has truly been life changing.  I hope to work with her again soon!"

Personal Development Sessions


I have to say that having worked with Arlyn is a game changer . . . her caring and skill has truly helped move me in my life! If you are at all curious reach out to her!
Rob Balaam
San Francisco, CA


One of the biggest challenges I faced before I started coaching with Arlyn was a lack of confidence in the choices I was making in both my personal and professional life. I was struggling to express my own vision for the present and future. I have become so good at being everyone else, I forgot who I was and what I wanted! Arlyn is easy to work with, fun, supportive, safe, and offers a lot of different exercises and tools to work with.  You feel her total commitment and energy every time you work with her.  Also, as a fellow interpreter, she understands very well the intricacies of our field and both the challenges and joys of the work. 


I am feeling more comfortable exploring my authentic self, I see where I am sending energy and time but not getting a strong return and I have made some shifts in my career track and in my personal life that are more in-line with creating a life that is balanced and interesting without being overwhelming.


"I found Arlyn at a time when I was going through the motions of life, but not living life.  I was in limbo and had become so caught up in my routine that I lost sight of my light at the end of the tunnel! I was frustrated with my interpreting career and I didn't even know who I was anymore. The only thing I was sure of was that I needed change. 


I knew I wanted to work with someone who had a great knowledge of the 'interpreting world' and someone who was nonjudgmental.  Arlyn fit my  criteria and yet brought so much more to the table with her wisdom, humor and genuine caring nature.   Arlyn has been fantastic: by helping me redefine my goals, realize my potential and keep  me accountable for the follow through in all aspects of my life. She also taught me that my feelings  are real and okay, even the grieving ones that hurt the most. 


In less than a year's time of working with Arlyn my interpreting career has gone from a pipe dream to a very fulfilling journey with a new mentor,  2 new jobs and a big test, just around the corner! 


As for finding myself... turns out I've been here the whole time, but  now I am learning  how to express the person who is uniquely me. I am really enjoying life  and am finding new adventures all the time!  Because of these changes I'm not only seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but I am able to make it brighter and multicolored!!" 

Julie Krahenbuhl, NIC

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN


 "Working with Arlyn was truly amazing. She helped me challenge myself to grow personally and professionally. She gave me the encouragement I needed to see the strengths I already possess and to refine the areas where I need to grow. Because of Arlyn's approach I felt fully comfortable being honest and vulnerable, which helped me grow in ways I never thought I could." 

Coaching Client

Arlyn is a phenomenal coach to work with. She offered great suggestions to make me think about different outcomes. Before going to her I didn't talk much about anything. She was able to get me to speak what I am thinking and to be more open. I highly recommend Arlyn Anderson to anyone who is looking for a supportive, caring, and genuine life coach.
                                                                US Military Veteran
                                                                  Stand Beside Them

My sessions with Arlyn felt like meeting with a wise, attentive friend.  I sought her out on recommendation after experiencing extreme compassion fatigue from my job, and I found an oasis where I was both challenged and validated.  She offered and thus invited honesty and vulnerability.  She held space for me, and had the flexibility and attunement to let each session be what I needed it to be on that particular day.  She let me explore and process while always gently pointing me to “What do you want this to look like?  What are you hoping for?” like she was holding a North Star of hope and health.  She also infused me with her personal love of sailing, and it has become one of my favorite metaphors for facing uncertainty.  The insights I had in my sessions continue to guide me now, and my work that had been fatiguing me has become balanced and exciting again.

Coaching Client

Trauma Counselor


". . . I have learned to take ownership of my life and to not sit back and let others make the decisions. I was losing pieces of myself. I am also doing a better job at not letting people run-over me. I have also helped my daughter as well, using some of Arlyn's tools!" 

Coaching Client





"My experience working with Arlyn has been invaluable. For the first time in my life, I'm learning to treat myself with the kindness I regularly extend to others. Doing so has required the desire to discover what's really important to me, and to remove the barriers keeping me from truly achieving those things. It has been incredibly helpful to recognize my old patterns and ways of thinking; even more so to make the attempt to unlearn the negative thoughts that I've had all my life. 


I'm finally beginning to figure out who I really am. The best part? I like the person I'm seeing! The process is not been easy, and my commitment to the process has occasionally wavered, but it has been worth every ounce of effort. I am incredibly grateful for the patience, encouragement and insight Arlyn has provided throughout my journey toward self-improvement. I couldn't ask for a more supportive guide." 

Coaching Client



"Coaching was one of the best things that could have happened to me during my internship . . .  I would recommend this to anyone!  I loved the approach to the coaching because it was always safe, comfortable and respectful. . . The biggest challenge I was working through before the coaching work started was my lack of motivation in certain areas of my career.  Because I was hesitant about my skills and experience, I was not as driven to make choices that would ultimately open the most doors for me.  I was ready to accept less than what I deserved and needed.


Because of the benefits of my coaching experience I have felt more confident in myself as a professional.  I am more comfortable expressing my needs and asserting who I am with mentors and colleagues.  I understand what it means to be respectful as well as strong when it comes to conflict . . . Despite the short amount of time that I was able to work with Arlyn, I am so grateful for what I gained.  I know that I have acquired life skills and perspectives that will benefit me in all areas of my life.

Interpreter Intern


bird on a wire.jpg
Arlyn sailing her boat, Freelance in the golden time of day.

"My experience working with Arlyn has been nothing short of life-changing. I contacted her with an initial intent to focus on my career path and my professional goals. As we navigated through those waters, Arlyn so adeptly saw other areas of my life that overlapped and did not shy away from leading me to explore them. 'Whole Interpreter' is more than her business name, it is a strongly evident belief that our entire well-being affects everything we do. I came to her wanting to find my place as an interpreter, and I left a better wife, mother, friend, interpreter, & human being. I cannot say "thank you" enough; THANK YOU, Arlyn, for journeying this road with me and offering your kind, gentle, honest insights. I am forever grateful."

Katelyn Wells, NIC

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN


"First let me say that your fresh insights really energized me today.  I am feeling on-my-path!  So glad not to be stuck going back and forth to the wood shed anymore. . .what happened for me when we talked was that you opened the lid and let me out to breathe and be myself.  It was awesome to have someone see me clearly, and articulate it.  Thank you! "


Bridgett Perry


"I would highly recommend working with Arlyn as a Life Coach. For myself ~ I underwent a major disaster in my life and was hit by an unforeseen event that would change everything about me and my life forever. Through this event, I had to shatter old beliefs, gain a new perspective and start my whole life anew and had to undergo one of the most painful, but helpful transformations I have ever been through. 


Arlyn was instrumental in helping me go through a messy, sticky, muddy, mucky, gooey transformation from a caterpillar of a situation (helplessness and disbelief), to forming and spinning a cocoon (developing new values and beliefs about my life, setting and making new goals) to eventually transforming into a butterfly that can fly again (confident, successful, happy, peaceful and joyful). . . Know that working on something this requires patience, being vulnerable and willing to make changes, but the the new transformation is well worth the hard work that it takes. Arlyn is amazing at helping people where they are and transforming them into butterflies who have new wings to fly.  


Jennifer David

Certified Interpreter


"I worked with Arlyn as my life coach for almost one year.  It was one of the best gifts I ever gave myself . . . an opportunity to grow in self love and confidence.  I guess one of the biggest challenges I experienced in my life prior to having a life coach was a painful lack of self-esteem.  I walked around in my work and personal relationships doubting myself constantly. . . I experienced profound healing which is hard to put into words.  Working with Arlyn was particularly helpful because she was serving me as a life coach but was also in the same profession I am in, a sign language interpreter.  I felt she knew the challenges in my work and would always be there with understanding and compassion.  She knew what she was talking about.  She constantly affirmed me on a deep and nurturing level. 


Arlyn's coaching style was very gentle and was just what I needed.  She is a great listener and asks poignant questions at the right times.  She would not let me get away with brushing too lightly over something or wanting to push difficult issues aside.  She challenged me to think deeply and honestly and go deep inside.  I felt she truly cared that I would experience healing and growth through these sessions.  I had a sense that Arlyn could be a little more 'tough' with clients if that is what they needed but rest assured always with compassion.  She asked me directly what approach I felt worked best for me.  I was honest with her and she responded in kind.  I sense she has a variety of styles she could use with a variety of different personalities. 


After working with Arlyn I have a much deeper consistent level of self confidence and joy in my every day work and personal life.  My fears of never being good enough have been greatly reduced.  Realistically these fears and insecurities don't disappear overnight.  When some of these old feelings come up again I have new tools of self affirmations that are very helpful.  I can use the imagery tools we used together to confront these self doubts and deal with them."

Coaching Client


Coaching and Consultation Groups:

Anchor 2

"In PSCPI, we always maintain confidentiality and also get the chance to be a whole person. We also help each other deal with the stuff tough and help us see our own wounds and how we can overcome and deliver a great service to the community that we serve despite the inner challenges that we face. I feel our Peer Consultation group is very supportive and that we all work together to help each other achieve. The feedback is always much appreciated and everyone always feels better after we have had a session. Our confidence is renewed and the load is a lot lighter! 

I think the 'Pah! Skippy' program is a great thing for all interpreters, it keeps us balanced and it keeps us 'whole.' Thank you for your support."


PSCPI Member

"Arlyn is always someone who lifts us up!! She help us to dig deeper in life and to always remember to take care of ourselves. We so often forget about the important things in life and she always seem to bring those things back to us and remind us of the importance to live than just be." 


Certified Interpreter
PSCPI group member

"Thanks for being a springboard in this learning process.I am very pleased to be a member of Pah! Skippy.  I feel it is a supportive and safe environment to share challenges and questions with members of the same field, and to gain valuable insights into the constructs of ASL, Deaf culture, and the interpreting process." 


Certified Interpreter
PSCPI Member

"PSCPI provides a forum for independent contract interpreters to come together and provide one another some support.  PSCPI meetings also provide interpreters a chance to see how much we have in common and appreciate the ways we are all unique. 

On an individual level, I appreciate a chance to voice those (sometimes absurd) thoughts that rattle around my head."


Certified Interpreter 
PSCPI Member

I feel that I am a better-equipped interpreter. I feel better mentally and I have  more knowledge about this area of my work.


Certified Interpreter
PSCPI Member

"I appreciate PSCPI for the deep learning and affirmations. I have so much gratitude."

PSCPI Member

"PSCPI is very supportive and educational, too!"


PSCPI group member

"Five stars for PSCPI! The whole thing is excellent! Thank you!!"

PSCPI group member

Mental Health Interpreting Consultations:

Anchor 3

"My time with A. Anderson was most helpful.  I felt supported and encouraged in my work in mental health settings.  Her affirmation of my work was a motivation to continue my work in this area and perhaps to delve deeper into the special needs required in Mental Health Interpreting."


"I was greatly benefited by my 1:1 session."


"This was great!"


"Quality approach, quality interaction." 


  "Arlyn did an awesome job!! She is very knowledgeable!!"


 "I benefited from being able to share 1:1 about some personal interpreting experiences that had challenged me. I felt our discussion would be held in confidence. These were things I couldn't share in a group setting.  This was most helpful."


"Wonderful! Thank  you!"


"It was very informative with a safe atmosphere to discuss key parts in mental health interpreting"


"This was very beneficial - especially the individual portion"


"Wonderful hour!"


"Very helpful and it will definitely help me in many situations!"


"Yes! Yes! Yes!"


"I appreciated the time spent in the consultation. I'm always open to learning and keeping up in the field, understanding how theories have changed over the years for terps in a mental health setting. Arlyn was so friendly, organized efficiently, She presented the info/questions within the timeframe, I will definitely incorporate the ideas and info we discussed."


 "Excellent use of a hour of time. Thanks for the stimulating conversation and feedback!"


"Excellent! Thank you for bringing this to Greater MN!"


Favorite topics that came up:

•Love the self-assessment sheet 

•Setting boundaries and 3rd person usage

•Mental Health tips and tools

•Learning more about therapists' goals - built my confidence


•Not mirroring clients' escalating emotions - if doing so could exacerbate a volatile state

•The explanation of the 5 axes.

•Interpreting for people with mental illness symptoms

•Discussion of boundaries and alignment 


•Being respectful of the psychiatrists (other professionals, too) requirements of the environmental setting.

•Deliberate intent in therapy communication

•Eye Contact


•Our discussions on "what to do" scenarios


•Tools of Therapy/Neutral/Pleasantly Disinterested

 Confidential, Supportive & Productive Debriefing Sessions:

Anchor 4

"I have been interpreting for 21 years mostly in the realm of medical and mental health and I love what I do. In 2006, I started working with a client through ----- in a very high risk, high stress mental health situation at a state hospital. Interpreting group therapy situations three or more times a week of a very graphic nature. There came a point during that time where I began to really struggle with some things and reached out to Arlyn. That was the first time anyone had ever talked to me about Vicarious Trauma and educated me on how to recognize and manage it. Because of Arlyn working through things with me I am still providing interpreting services at that facility through ----- to this very day."

Certified Interpreter

"As a result of debriefing with Arlyn, it reaffirmed things I knew about myself and my profession. Our conversation was emotionally satisfying and with Arlyn's guidance, I was able to work clearly through a difficult situation rationally, focusing on myself rather than anger and hurt. I will refer back to her encouragement in all aspects of my life. Thank you so much, Arlyn, for your insight. " 


Deborah Warshauer, CI & CT, 

Cherry Hill, NJ

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