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How does coaching work?


My approach to coaching is grounded in my training as a co-active coach and neuroscience studies AND, in some ways, is created each time I am with a new client. Something is born in each new relationship. At its essence, my work is about helping you take the most fulfilling path to your goals. I help you stay accountable to yourself in the process. That can mean exploring what you are looking for, seeing what may be in the way, noticing what moves you forward, and finding the inspiration to put the learning into action. My coaching can be emotionally deep and also light, fun and always genuine, transparent and loving.




Here are some nuts and bolts:


The agenda is yours. In my Standard coaching package, we meet weekly - three times per month for 40-60 minutes per session, sometimes longer. We agree on a fee, to be paid each month, and within the scope of our work, we have as much additional email and phone contact as supports you in your goals.


I work primarily with interpreters, both Hearing and Deaf, across the professional spectrum. I meet with clients in person, or on the telephone, skype, and videophone. My clients are across North America and around the world. I work with people who aren't interpreters, too. I find a common thread is that most of my clients want to feel more flexible, confident and less dependent on others for how they feel.


My concentration is in helping people move forward with greater authenticity, transform their thinking and change their lives for the better. The answers are within usI have no doubt—and that is where we look. Coaching is not therapy and it clearly isn't for every situation. If something you bring is outside the scope of my expertise and the coaching relationship, I will refer you to professionals who can serve you better.


I strongly believe that however one accesses it, the personal and internal work we do ultimately reverberates on a much larger scale. It is a bold, wonderful and important adventure. How could coaching help you?


Contact me at the  calendar link at the top right part of this page for a no-pressure conversation about working together. I would love to hear from you!  



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