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Developing Resilience for your life and Career


'Resilience' is co-facilitated with the talented Jenn Welna, of Minneapolis, MN, and is offered in the Twin Cities area. Designed as a professional support and consultation group for self-defined 'newer' interpreters, we focus on fostering robust resilient practices in our work and in our lives. What a better time to look at resilience than at the foundational 'beginning' of one's career!


We are all striving to be 'effective' in our profession in our own ways. Being effective means having access to a wide range of strategies and options for the many situations we encounter. Interestingly, we have a much better chance of being effective interpreters and continuing to grow and develop when we can bring down the commotion in our minds and heart. This is one of the primary purposes of 'Resilience.'


Getting our footing in a new profession can challenge the ways we think, feel and perceive the situations we're in. What would I know about that after decades in the interpreting field? Too much! I started a new career as a professional coach after enjoying a long-established career in the interpreting field. In the process I was nearly rocked off my foundation, as, one by one, my less-helpful beliefs about who I am and what I expect of myself surfaced. I did not like being a beginner. I loved the learning, the work and the coaching field, and knew in my bones I wanted it. But, as I ventured into certification program supervision meetings, audiotaped my coaching sessions and got feedback from my peers I was caught off-guard by my fear of failure and perfectionism and negative thinking. Fortunately, while working with a coach of my own, I went through the discomfort, instead of around it, and absorbed a mountain of personal skills that I bring to my coaching work. I have an entirely new skill set. I want that for others, too.


Launching into a new career can be scary. As Jenn reminds me, there can be a stark difference between being in school surrounded by peers and professors, all of whom are there to support and challenge you in the work you do, and being a recent graduate and feeling a real lack of support, community and direction. This group is here to help shape new graduates' landing in the "real world" of interpreting.


Neuroscience and transformation:


  • Neuroscience shows us that when we're in a more fearful, guarded stance, trying hard not to fail, feeling isolated, having bouts of self-doubt and self-defeating thinking -- these very normal and very human ways to feel -- ultimately we unknowingly shut down our creativity. Our brains literally organize an orient toward fight, flight, freeze, etc. 

  • When we perceive that we belong to a supportive professional network, and have positive strategies and resources for self-appraisal and returning to a calm state, we have access to a full-range of neurological resources. This is an opportunity to feel more free and creative AND effective.


Please contact Arlyn or Jenn to discuss your interest in Resilience.







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Resilience Flyer

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